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Why Sending Thank You Emails Isn’t Enough: Keeping Track of and Working Sales Opportunities


Nov 25, 2021 08:45 AM

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Stuart Warwick
Founder @IT/MSP's Scale With Confidence
Stuart is an MSP-specific business coach, creator of the Scale With Confidence Model, and founder of the MSP Mastery program designed to help MSP’s scale with confidence to £1million or, if already there, to go faster. As a non-techie, he brings a focus to scaling that most technical owners struggle to embrace, giving them the confidence to tap into their true potential and that of their business. With a philosophy of ‘businesses grow to the size of the owner’, Stuart has coached over 60 small business owners to significant personal and business success.
David Nicholls
Managing Director @Better IT
With over 25 years of experience, Dave is the one who keeps things moving forward. He is constantly on the lookout for the very best technology. This, married with his love for ensuring clients are looked after to the highest standard, is a match made in heaven! Although the company is now 17 years old, Dave reset the company 4 years ago and started growing the company exponentially since then.
Ben Spector
Product Manager @Zomentum
An ex-MSP owner turned Product Manager for Zomentum, the first Sales Acceleration Platform for the IT channel. Ben leverages his previous experience running a managed service provider (MSP) organization to shape Zomentum's development roadmap. He spent nine years as Founder and Technical Director for U.K.-based SpecTronics, a successful IT managed service provider, which he grew to support more than 100 clients.