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How to Get 100 Leads in the Next 90 Days


Jan 20, 2022 11:16 AM

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Dave Sutton
Managing Director @Wingman Marketing
Dave began his career in the MSP world back at the turn of the banking crisis. Working on the ‘front line’ in a sales & marketing manager capacity, he helped grow the MSPs that he worked within. Upon leaving the sector in 2017, Dave built Wingman - a sales, marketing, and digital agency. Till now, the Wingman team has worked with over 65 MSPs across the globe to help tailor marketing and sales efforts to help achieve their growth goals.
Paul Green
Head of Big Thinking @MSP Marketing Edge
Paul Green is an MSP marketing expert, based in the UK, working with 500+ MSPs all over the world. He helps MSPs improve their marketing and generate more leads with his MSP Marketing Edge program. Paul's a former journalist and radio presenter, and has been working with MSPs for 5 years now. He's also the author of Updating Servers Doesn't Grow Your Business.
Shannon Murphy
Chief Marketer @Zomentum
As Chief Marketer at Zomentum, Shannon oversees brand messaging, GTM strategy, and co-marketing initiatives. She’s a consultant, speaker, and writer and after 15 years in B2B SaaS, she’s proud to help Zomentum lead the IT Sales Movement, enabling 1000+ Partners and 35,000 SMBs.